Should You Consider Hiring a Nanny-Mom? (Pros and Cons of Allowing Your Nanny to Bring Her Own Child to Work with Her)

*Delilah Jones lives in Sunnyside, TX, and is the mother of an 18 month old daughter, Magnolia. Fourteen months ago, Delilah and her husband, Casey, hired a nanny after Delilah returned to work full time. Their nanny, Eloise, brings along her own 16 month old son, Archer. Eloise is a former 2nd grade teacher with 12 years of experience as a full time nanny. Eloise is what’s known as a “Nanny-Mom”. A Nanny-Mom is a professional nanny who brings her own child to work with her, either part or full time. The majority of Nanny-Moms are career nannies with 3-20+ years of experience as professional nannies.

If you are a family who is considering doing a nanny share, but you don’t want to have to deal with another set of parents regularly or would rather not have a strange child in your home, a Nanny-Mom may be exactly what you are looking for! There are some potential drawbacks to hiring a Nanny-Mom that a family will have to consider during the hiring process. I recently asked 100 moms what their main concerns would be pertaining to hiring a Nanny-Mom. The three main concerns were as follows:

  1. Would my nanny pay more attention to her own child than mine?
  2. What would I do for backup care if my nanny’s child was sick and she called off work?
  3. Would I have to pay for food/supplies/extracurricular activities for my nanny’s child?

Other concerns included issues such as liability (what would happen if the nanny’s child was injured in the family’s home?), concerns about limited space, nap schedules, and baby ‘equipment’ logistics. Read on to hear how families just like yours answered these questions.

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