Breaking Up is Hard to Do: How to Gracefully Move on From Your Nanny Family


Yesterday was my last day with my “nanny family” of 9 months.  It was so emotionally exhausting that I came home and slept for 12 straight hours. I’m sure I cried at least 20 times throughout the day, and probably would have cried even more if my 3 year old son (Simon) hadn’t been with me. It’s always hard to leave a nanny position, but it’s 1,000 times harder to leave a position that you LOVE.

As nannies, we sometimes talk about finding our “Unicorn Family”- a family that is so perfect, it’s hard to believe that they actually exist. The “L” Family was my Unicorn Family. Not only did they respect my career choice, but they respected my time and my “work space” as well. They NEVER came home late, and not once did I walk into a sink full of dishes from the night before, toys all over the floor, or piles of laundry stacked up for me to tackle. In fact, I didn’t even do Baby D’s laundry- my “mom boss” (MB) preferred to do it herself.  From day one, I was treated as a professional AND as part of the family, and there is no better feeling than that for a nanny!

When I started with the “L” Family, Dawson* was not yet crawling. From the very first day, I knew that we were going to get along splendidly. His sweet smile melted my heart, and his little coos and babbles were irresistible. He was, by far, the easiest baby I’ve ever cared for in my 17 years as a nanny: perfect sleep schedule, great eater and happy 95% of the day. We barely noticed when he was teething, as he never complained (unless he was hungry). He loved being held and snuggled, but was also able to play independently for long stretches of time. We went on adventures together all over the city. His favorite thing to do when we were out was to stare at people on the bus/train until they looked at him, and then flash his gummy smile that lit up his bright blue eyes and melted strangers’ hearts. I can’t even count the number of times I heard “What a beautiful/sweet/calm baby. You are so blessed”.

And even though he wasn’t mine, I’d say “Thank you!” Because he truly was such a blessing in my life.

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